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Here is a list of all modules:
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|oMDL SDK API AssertionsAssertions
|oTypesTypes are organized in a hierarchy based on the basic interface mi::IData
||oSimple TypesThis module lists all interfaces related to simple types
||\CollectionsThis module and its submodule Compounds list all interfaces related to collections
|| \CompoundsThis module lists all interfaces and typedefs related to compounds
|oDatabase AccessProvides access to the database using concepts like scopes and transactions
|oMiscellaneous InterfacesVarious utility classes
|oExtensions and PluginsVarious ways to extend the MDL SDK API, for example, image plugins
|oMDL compilerThis module contains the MDL SDK API components representing the MDL compiler, its backends and the generated target code
|oMiscellaneous MDL-related InterfacesMDL-related interfaces excluding types, scene elements, and the compiler
|oMain MDL SDK Interface and C access functionThe main MDL SDK Interface and the unique public access point
|oConfiguration InterfacesThis module encompasses the API components used to configure the MDL SDK API as well as closely related interfaces
|oScene elementsAll the scene elements that make up the scene graph
||oMiscellaneousMiscellaneous scene graph elements, for example, textures, light profiles, BSDF measurements, or decals
||\MDL-related elementsMDL-related elements comprise a set of interfaces related to the Material Definition Language (MDL)
|oMDL type systemThe MDL type system mainly consists of four sets of interfaces:
|\Versioning of the MDL SDK APIThe MDL SDK API has a major and minor version number and an optional qualifier
oMath APIMath-related functions and classes, for example, vectors and matrices
|oMath API AssertionsAssertions
|oBounding Box ClassAn axis-aligned N-dimensional bounding box class template of fixed dimension with supporting functions
|oColor ClassStandard RGBA color class with floating point elements and operations
|oMath FunctionsThe math API provides functions and function templates that act on simple types or generic container and vector concepts
||oBasic Math Functors in the Math APIBasic math functors in the Math API
||oGeneric Functions in the Math APIGeneric functions in the Math API targeted to static vector-like sequences
||\Fast Approximations for float Math FunctionsFast approximations for math functions on limited precision floats
|oMatrix ClassA NxM-dimensional matrix class template of fixed dimensions with supporting functions
||\Internal Storage Classes for MatricesStorage class for matrix templates with support for xx, xy, xz, etc., members for appropriate dimensions
|oSpectrum ClassSpectrum class with floating point elements and operations
|oMath Vector ClassMath vector class template of fixed dimension with generic operations
||\Internal Storage Class for Math VectorStorage class for math vectors with support for x, y, z, and w members for appropriate dimensions
|\Versioning of the Math APIThe Math API has a major and minor version number and an optional qualifier
\Base APIBasic types, configuration, and assertion support
 oBase API AssertionsAssertions and static assertions
 oConfiguration of the Base APIConfiguration macros for platform, compiler, etc
 oMemory ManagementThe memory management provides an interface for allocators including a default implementation
 oInterface Framework TechnologyThe classes provided here support conventional modern C++ library design principles for component software to achieve binary compatibility across shared library boundaries and future extensibility
 oLoggingLogger interface and severity levels
 oMultithreading SupportPrimitives useful for multithreaded applications, for example, atomic counters, condition variables, and locks
 oPlugin SupportSupport for dynamically loaded plugins
 oBasic TypesPlatform-independent types
 |\Specializations for numeric_traitsThe number traits class is specialized for number types defined in this API, such as mi::Uint32 and mi::Float64
 \Versioning of the Base APIThe Base API has a major and minor version number and an optional qualifier