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Miscellaneous Interfaces

Various utility classes. More...


class  mi::neuraylib::ICanvas_base
 Abstract interface for a canvas (base class). More...
class  mi::neuraylib::ICanvas
 Abstract interface for a canvas represented by a rectangular array of tiles. More...
class  mi::neuraylib::Boolean
 A wrapped boolean that cannot implicitly constructed from integers or floats. More...
class  mi::neuraylib::IImage_api
 This interface provides various utilities related to canvases and buffers. More...
class  mi::neuraylib::IMdl_entity_resolver
 The entity resolver is used to resolve MDL modules and resources in such modules. More...
class  mi::neuraylib::IMdl_resolved_module
 Describes a resolved module (or a failed attempt). More...
class  mi::neuraylib::IMdl_resolved_resource
 Describes an ordered set of resolved resources (or a failed attempt). More...
class  mi::neuraylib::IMdl_module_builder
 The module builder allows to create new MDL modules. More...
class  mi::neuraylib::IMdl_module_transformer
 The module transformer allows to apply certain transformations on an MDL module. More...
class  mi::neuraylib::IReader
 A reader supports binary block reads and string-oriented line reads that zero-terminate the result. More...
class  mi::neuraylib::IReader_writer_base
 Base interface for readers and writers. More...
class  mi::neuraylib::IStream_position
 Represents the position in a data stream. More...
class  mi::neuraylib::IWriter
 A writer supports binary block writes and string-oriented line writes that accept a zero-terminated string as argument. More...


enum  mi::neuraylib::Uvtile_mode {
  mi::neuraylib::UVTILE_MODE_NONE = 0,
  mi::neuraylib::UVTILE_MODE_UDIM = 1,
  mi::neuraylib::UVTILE_MODE_UVTILE0 = 2,
  mi::neuraylib::UVTILE_MODE_UVTILE1 = 3
 Supported uvtile modes for resources. More...

Detailed Description

Various utility classes.

Enumeration Type Documentation

Supported uvtile modes for resources.

For light profiles and BSDF measurements only mi::neuraylib::UVTILE_MODE_NONE is valid.

See Also
mi::neuraylib::IImage::reset_file() for details about the different modes.

No uvtile mode.


The UDIM uvtile mode.


The UVTILE0 uvtile mode.


The UVTILE1 uvtile mode.