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 MDL SDK API Assertions
 Types are organized in a hierarchy based on the basic interface mi::IData.
 Database Access
 Provides access to the database using concepts like scopes and transactions.
 Miscellaneous Interfaces
 Extensions and Plugins
 MDL compiler
 This module contains the MDL SDK API components representing the MDL compiler, its backends and the generated target code.
 Miscellaneous MDL-related Interfaces
 MDL-related interfaces excluding types, scene elements, and the compiler.
 Main MDL SDK Interface and C access function
 The main MDL SDK Interface and the unique public access point.
 Configuration Interfaces
 This module encompasses the API components used to configure the MDL SDK API as well as closely related interfaces.
 Scene elements
 All the scene elements that make up the scene graph.
 MDL type system
 The MDL type system mainly consists of four sets of interfaces:
 Versioning of the MDL SDK API
 The MDL SDK API has a major and minor version number and an optional qualifier.


namespace  mi::neuraylib
 Namespace for the MDL SDK API.

Detailed Description


Include File:
#include <mi/mdl_sdk.h>