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API components

The functionality offered by the MDL SDK API is split into so-called API components.

Each component gives access to some aspect of the MDL SDK API. The basic interfaces mi::neuraylib::INeuray and mi::neuraylib::IPlugin_api give access to these API components via their get_api_component() methods.

This page here lists all API components. Note that some API components are always available (e.g., configuration interfaces), while other API components might only be available while the MDL SDK is running (e.g. access to the database).

Interface always available
mi::neuraylib::IDatabase no
mi::neuraylib::IDebug_configuration yes
mi::neuraylib::IFactory yes
mi::neuraylib::IImage_api no
mi::neuraylib::ILogging_configuration yes
mi::neuraylib::IMdl_archive_api no
mi::neuraylib::IMdl_backend_api no
mi::neuraylib::IMdl_compatibility_api no
mi::neuraylib::IMdl_compiler yes
mi::neuraylib::IMdl_configuration yes
mi::neuraylib::IMdl_discovery_api no
mi::neuraylib::IMdl_distiller_api no
mi::neuraylib::IMdl_evaluator_api no
mi::neuraylib::IMdl_factory no
mi::neuraylib::IMdl_impexp_api no
mi::neuraylib::IMdl_i18n_configuration no
mi::neuraylib::IMdle_api no
mi::neuraylib::IPlugin_api yes
mi::neuraylib::IPlugin_configuration yes
mi::neuraylib::IVersion yes