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mi::base::Interface_merger<MAJOR, MINOR> Class Template Reference

This mixin merges the implementation of one interface with a second interface. More...

#include <interface_merger.h>

Inherits MAJOR, and MINOR.

Public Types

 Typedef for the MAJOR base class. More...
 Typedef for the MINOR base class. More...

Public Member Functions

const IInterfaceget_interface (const Uuid &interface_id) const
 Reimplements mi::base::IInterface::get_interface(const Uuid&) const. More...
template<class T>
const T * get_interface () const
 Reimplements mi::base::IInterface::get_interface() const. More...
IInterfaceget_interface (const Uuid &interface_id)
 Reimplements mi::base::IInterface::get_interface(const Uuid&). More...
template<class T>
T * get_interface ()
 Reimplements mi::base::IInterface::get_interface(). More...
Uuid get_iid () const
 Reimplements mi::base::IInterface::get_iid(). More...
mi::Uint32 retain () const
 Reimplements mi::base::IInterface::retain(). More...
mi::Uint32 release () const
 Reimplements mi::base::IInterface::release(). More...
const MAJOR * cast_to_major () const
 Returns a pointer to the MAJOR base class. More...
MAJOR * cast_to_major ()
 Returns a pointer to the MAJOR base class. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static bool compare_iid (const Uuid &iid)
 Reimplements mi::base::IInterface::compare_iid(). More...

Detailed Description

template<typename MAJOR, typename MINOR>
class mi::base::Interface_merger<MAJOR, MINOR>

This mixin merges the implementation of one interface with a second interface.

Multiple inheritance from interfaces is not possible due to ambiguities. This mixin resolves the ambiguities by re-implementing the methods of mi::base::IInterface.

Note that this mixin class derives from an implementation and an interface, in contrast to mi::base::Interface_implement_2, which derives from two interfaces. Basically, Interface_merger<Interface_implement<I1>,I2> is equivalent to Interface_implement<I1,I2>. The benefit of this mixin class is that you are not bound to use Interface_implement, any valid implementation of an interface will do.

The template parameters representing the base classes are called MAJOR and MINOR. Note that the derivation is not symmetric:

  • MAJOR has to be an implementation of an interface, MINOR has to be just an interface
  • retain() and release() are redirected to the MAJOR base class
  • compared_iid() and get_interface() are redirected to the MAJOR base class first, the MINOR base class is only queried on failure. For example, get_interface<mi::base::IInterface>() will always return the MAJOR base class.
  • get_iid() is redirected to the MAJOR base class.

Note that some versions of Microsoft Visual C++ are known to produce the bogus warning

disable C4505: <class::method>: unreferenced local function has been removed

in conjunction with this class. This warning can be disabled with

#include <mi/base/config.h>
#pragma warning( disable : 4505 )
Configuration of the Base API.

Note that the pragma affects the entire translation unit. Therefore, the warning is not disabled by default.

Template Parameters
MAJORthe implementation base class
MINORthe interface base class