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Base API

Basic types, configuration, and assertion support. More...


 Base API Assertions
 Assertions and static assertions.
 Configuration of the Base API
 Configuration macros for platform, compiler, etc.
 Memory Management
 The memory management provides an interface for allocators including a default implementation.
 Interface Framework Technology
 The classes provided here support conventional modern C++ library design principles for component software to achieve binary compatibility across shared library boundaries and future extensibility.
 Logger interface and severity levels.
 Multithreading Support
 Primitives useful for multithreaded applications, for example, atomic counters, condition variables, and locks.
 Plugin Support
 Support for dynamically loaded plugins.
 Basic Types
 Platform-independent types.
 Versioning of the Base API
 The Base API has a major and minor version number and an optional qualifier.


namespace  mi
 Common namespace for APIs of NVIDIA Advanced Rendering Center GmbH.
namespace  mi::base
 Namespace for the Base API.
namespace  mi::base::details
 Namespace for details of the Base API.

Detailed Description

Basic types, configuration, and assertion support.

Include File:
#include <mi/base.h>