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OptixPipelineCompileOptions Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int usesMotionBlur
unsigned int traversableGraphFlags
int numPayloadValues
int numAttributeValues
unsigned int exceptionFlags
const char * pipelineLaunchParamsVariableName
unsigned int usesPrimitiveTypeFlags

Detailed Description

Compilation options for all modules of a pipeline.

Similar to OptixModuleCompileOptions, but these options here need to be equal for all modules of a pipeline.

See Also
optixModuleCreateFromPTX(), optixPipelineCreate()

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int OptixPipelineCompileOptions::exceptionFlags

A bitmask of OptixExceptionFlags indicating which exceptions are enabled.

int OptixPipelineCompileOptions::numAttributeValues

How much storage, in 32b words, to make available for the attributes. The minimum number is 2. Values below that will automatically be changed to 2. [2..8].

int OptixPipelineCompileOptions::numPayloadValues

How much storage, in 32b words, to make available for the payload, [0..32] Must be zero if numPayloadTypes is not zero.

const char* OptixPipelineCompileOptions::pipelineLaunchParamsVariableName

The name of the pipeline parameter variable. If 0, no pipeline parameter will be available. This will be ignored if the launch param variable was optimized out or was not found in the modules linked to the pipeline.

unsigned int OptixPipelineCompileOptions::traversableGraphFlags

Traversable graph bitfield. See OptixTraversableGraphFlags.

int OptixPipelineCompileOptions::usesMotionBlur

Boolean value indicating whether motion blur could be used.

unsigned int OptixPipelineCompileOptions::usesPrimitiveTypeFlags

Bit field enabling primitive types. See OptixPrimitiveTypeFlags. Setting to zero corresponds to enabling OPTIX_PRIMITIVE_TYPE_FLAGS_CUSTOM and OPTIX_PRIMITIVE_TYPE_FLAGS_TRIANGLE.