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OptixBuildInputTriangleArray Struct Reference

Public Attributes

const CUdeviceptrvertexBuffers
unsigned int numVertices
OptixVertexFormat vertexFormat
unsigned int vertexStrideInBytes
CUdeviceptr indexBuffer
unsigned int numIndexTriplets
OptixIndicesFormat indexFormat
unsigned int indexStrideInBytes
CUdeviceptr preTransform
const unsigned int * flags
unsigned int numSbtRecords
CUdeviceptr sbtIndexOffsetBuffer
unsigned int sbtIndexOffsetSizeInBytes
unsigned int sbtIndexOffsetStrideInBytes
unsigned int primitiveIndexOffset
OptixTransformFormat transformFormat

Detailed Description

Triangle inputs.

See Also

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned int* OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::flags

Array of flags, to specify flags per sbt record, combinations of OptixGeometryFlags describing the primitive behavior, size must match numSbtRecords.

CUdeviceptr OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::indexBuffer

Optional pointer to array of 16 or 32-bit int triplets, one triplet per triangle. The minimum alignment must match the natural alignment of the type as specified in the indexFormat, i.e., for OPTIX_INDICES_FORMAT_UNSIGNED_INT3 4-byte and for OPTIX_INDICES_FORMAT_UNSIGNED_SHORT3 a 2-byte alignment.

OptixIndicesFormat OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::indexFormat
unsigned int OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::indexStrideInBytes

Stride between triplets of indices. If set to zero, indices are assumed to be tightly packed and stride is inferred from indexFormat.

unsigned int OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::numIndexTriplets

Size of array in OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::indexBuffer. For build, needs to be zero if indexBuffer is nullptr.

unsigned int OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::numSbtRecords

Number of sbt records available to the sbt index offset override.

unsigned int OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::numVertices

Number of vertices in each of buffer in OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::vertexBuffers.

CUdeviceptr OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::preTransform

Optional pointer to array of floats representing a 3x4 row major affine transformation matrix. This pointer must be a multiple of OPTIX_GEOMETRY_TRANSFORM_BYTE_ALIGNMENT.

unsigned int OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::primitiveIndexOffset

Primitive index bias, applied in optixGetPrimitiveIndex(). Sum of primitiveIndexOffset and number of triangles must not overflow 32bits.

CUdeviceptr OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::sbtIndexOffsetBuffer

Device pointer to per-primitive local sbt index offset buffer. May be NULL. Every entry must be in range [0,numSbtRecords-1]. Size needs to be the number of primitives.

unsigned int OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::sbtIndexOffsetSizeInBytes

Size of type of the sbt index offset. Needs to be 0, 1, 2 or 4 (8, 16 or 32 bit).

unsigned int OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::sbtIndexOffsetStrideInBytes

Stride between the index offsets. If set to zero, the offsets are assumed to be tightly packed and the stride matches the size of the type (sbtIndexOffsetSizeInBytes).

OptixTransformFormat OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::transformFormat
const CUdeviceptr* OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::vertexBuffers

Points to host array of device pointers, one per motion step. Host array size must match the number of motion keys as set in OptixMotionOptions (or an array of size 1 if OptixMotionOptions::numKeys is set to 0 or 1). Each per motion key device pointer must point to an array of vertices of the triangles in the format as described by vertexFormat. The minimum alignment must match the natural alignment of the type as specified in the vertexFormat, i.e., for OPTIX_VERTEX_FORMAT_FLOATX 4-byte, for all others a 2-byte alignment. However, an 16-byte stride (and buffer alignment) is recommended for vertices of format OPTIX_VERTEX_FORMAT_FLOAT3 for GAS build performance.

OptixVertexFormat OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::vertexFormat
unsigned int OptixBuildInputTriangleArray::vertexStrideInBytes

Stride between vertices. If set to zero, vertices are assumed to be tightly packed and stride is inferred from vertexFormat.