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OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray Struct Reference

#include <optix_types.h>

Public Attributes

const CUdeviceptraabbBuffers
unsigned int numPrimitives
unsigned int strideInBytes
const unsigned int * flags
unsigned int numSbtRecords
CUdeviceptr sbtIndexOffsetBuffer
unsigned int sbtIndexOffsetSizeInBytes
unsigned int sbtIndexOffsetStrideInBytes
unsigned int primitiveIndexOffset

Detailed Description

Custom primitive inputs.

See also

Member Data Documentation


const CUdeviceptr* OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray::aabbBuffers

Points to host array of device pointers to AABBs (type OptixAabb), one per motion step. Host array size must match number of motion keys as set in OptixMotionOptions (or an array of size 1 if OptixMotionOptions::numKeys is set to 1). Each device pointer must be a multiple of OPTIX_AABB_BUFFER_BYTE_ALIGNMENT.


const unsigned int* OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray::flags

Array of flags, to specify flags per sbt record, combinations of OptixGeometryFlags describing the primitive behavior, size must match numSbtRecords.


unsigned int OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray::numPrimitives

Number of primitives in each buffer (i.e., per motion step) in OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray::aabbBuffers.


unsigned int OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray::numSbtRecords

Number of sbt records available to the sbt index offset override.


unsigned int OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray::primitiveIndexOffset

Primitive index bias, applied in optixGetPrimitiveIndex(). Sum of primitiveIndexOffset and number of primitive must not overflow 32bits.


CUdeviceptr OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray::sbtIndexOffsetBuffer

Device pointer to per-primitive local sbt index offset buffer. May be NULL. Every entry must be in range [0,numSbtRecords-1]. Size needs to be the number of primitives.


unsigned int OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray::sbtIndexOffsetSizeInBytes

Size of type of the sbt index offset. Needs to be 0, 1, 2 or 4 (8, 16 or 32 bit).


unsigned int OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray::sbtIndexOffsetStrideInBytes

Stride between the index offsets. If set to zero, the offsets are assumed to be tightly packed and the stride matches the size of the type (sbtIndexOffsetSizeInBytes).


unsigned int OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray::strideInBytes

Stride between AABBs (per motion key). If set to zero, the aabbs are assumed to be tightly packed and the stride is assumed to be sizeof( OptixAabb ). If non-zero, the value must be a multiple of OPTIX_AABB_BUFFER_BYTE_ALIGNMENT.