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OptixStaticTransform Struct Reference

Public Attributes

OptixTraversableHandle child
unsigned int pad [2]
float transform [12]
float invTransform [12]

Detailed Description

Static transform.

The device address of instances of this type must be a multiple of OPTIX_TRANSFORM_BYTE_ALIGNMENT.

See Also

Member Data Documentation

OptixTraversableHandle OptixStaticTransform::child

The traversable transformed by this transformation.

float OptixStaticTransform::invTransform[12]

Affine world-to-object transformation as 3x4 matrix in row-major layout Must be the inverse of the transform matrix.

unsigned int OptixStaticTransform::pad[2]

Padding to make the transformations 16 byte aligned.

float OptixStaticTransform::transform[12]

Affine object-to-world transformation as 3x4 matrix in row-major layout.