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OptixImage2D Struct Reference

Public Attributes

CUdeviceptr data
unsigned int width
unsigned int height
unsigned int rowStrideInBytes
unsigned int pixelStrideInBytes
OptixPixelFormat format

Detailed Description

Image descriptor used by the denoiser.

See Also
optixDenoiserInvoke(), optixDenoiserComputeIntensity()

Member Data Documentation

CUdeviceptr OptixImage2D::data

Pointer to the actual pixel data.

OptixPixelFormat OptixImage2D::format

Pixel format.

unsigned int OptixImage2D::height

Height of the image (in pixels)

unsigned int OptixImage2D::pixelStrideInBytes

Stride between subsequent pixels of the image (in bytes). For now, only 0 or the value that corresponds to a dense packing of pixels (no gaps) is supported.

unsigned int OptixImage2D::rowStrideInBytes

Stride between subsequent rows of the image (in bytes).

unsigned int OptixImage2D::width

Width of the image (in pixels)