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OptixBuildInput Struct Reference

Public Attributes

OptixBuildInputType type
union {
   OptixBuildInputTriangleArray   triangleArray
   OptixBuildInputCurveArray   curveArray
   OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray   customPrimitiveArray
   OptixBuildInputInstanceArray   instanceArray
   char   pad [1024]

Detailed Description

Build inputs.

All of them support motion and the size of the data arrays needs to match the number of motion steps

See Also
optixAccelComputeMemoryUsage(), optixAccelBuild()

Member Data Documentation

union { ... }
OptixBuildInputCurveArray OptixBuildInput::curveArray

Curve inputs.

OptixBuildInputCustomPrimitiveArray OptixBuildInput::customPrimitiveArray

Custom primitive inputs.

OptixBuildInputInstanceArray OptixBuildInput::instanceArray

Instance and instance pointer inputs.

char OptixBuildInput::pad[1024]
OptixBuildInputTriangleArray OptixBuildInput::triangleArray

Triangle inputs.

OptixBuildInputType OptixBuildInput::type

The type of the build input.