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optixPaging.h File Reference

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struct  PageMapping
struct  OptixPagingSizes
struct  OptixPagingOptions
struct  OptixPagingContext


#define OPTIX_PAGING_CHECK_CUDA_ERROR(err)   optixPagingCheckCudaError( err )


bool optixPagingCheckCudaError (cudaError_t err)
template<typename T >
__host__ __device__ T minimum (T lhs, T rhs)
template<typename T >
__host__ __device__ T maximum (T lhs, T rhs)
__host__ void optixPagingCreate (OptixPagingOptions *options, OptixPagingContext **context)
__host__ void optixPagingDestroy (OptixPagingContext *context)
__host__ void optixPagingCalculateSizes (unsigned int vaSizeInPages, OptixPagingSizes &sizes)
__host__ void optixPagingSetup (OptixPagingContext *context, const OptixPagingSizes &sizes, int numWorkers)
__host__ void optixPagingPullRequests (OptixPagingContext *context, unsigned int *devRequestedPages, unsigned int numRequestedPages, unsigned int *devStalePages, unsigned int numStalePages, unsigned int *devEvictablePages, unsigned int numEvictablePages, unsigned int *devNumPagesReturned)
__host__ void optixPagingPushMappings (OptixPagingContext *context, PageMapping *devFilledPages, int filledPageCount, unsigned int *devInvalidatedPages, int invalidatedPageCount)


const int MAX_WORKER_THREADS = 32

Macro Definition Documentation

#define OPTIX_PAGING_CHECK_CUDA_ERROR (   err)    optixPagingCheckCudaError( err )

Function Documentation

template<typename T >
__host__ __device__ T maximum ( lhs,
template<typename T >
__host__ __device__ T minimum ( lhs,
__host__ void optixPagingCalculateSizes ( unsigned int  vaSizeInPages,
OptixPagingSizes sizes 
bool optixPagingCheckCudaError ( cudaError_t  err)
__host__ void optixPagingCreate ( OptixPagingOptions options,
OptixPagingContext **  context 
__host__ void optixPagingDestroy ( OptixPagingContext context)
__host__ void optixPagingPullRequests ( OptixPagingContext context,
unsigned int *  devRequestedPages,
unsigned int  numRequestedPages,
unsigned int *  devStalePages,
unsigned int  numStalePages,
unsigned int *  devEvictablePages,
unsigned int  numEvictablePages,
unsigned int *  devNumPagesReturned 
__host__ void optixPagingPushMappings ( OptixPagingContext context,
PageMapping devFilledPages,
int  filledPageCount,
unsigned int *  devInvalidatedPages,
int  invalidatedPageCount 
__host__ void optixPagingSetup ( OptixPagingContext context,
const OptixPagingSizes sizes,
int  numWorkers 

Variable Documentation

const int MAX_WORKER_THREADS = 32