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Program groups


OptixResult optixProgramGroupGetStackSize (OptixProgramGroup programGroup, OptixStackSizes *stackSizes)
OptixResult optixProgramGroupCreate (OptixDeviceContext context, const OptixProgramGroupDesc *programDescriptions, unsigned int numProgramGroups, const OptixProgramGroupOptions *options, char *logString, size_t *logStringSize, OptixProgramGroup *programGroups)
OptixResult optixProgramGroupDestroy (OptixProgramGroup programGroup)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

OptixResult optixProgramGroupCreate ( OptixDeviceContext  context,
const OptixProgramGroupDesc programDescriptions,
unsigned int  numProgramGroups,
const OptixProgramGroupOptions options,
char *  logString,
size_t *  logStringSize,
OptixProgramGroup programGroups 

logString is an optional buffer that contains compiler feedback and errors. This information is also passed to the context logger (if enabled), however it may be difficult to correlate output to the logger to specific API invocations when using multiple threads. The output to logString will only contain feedback for this specific invocation of this API call.

logStringSize as input should be a pointer to the number of bytes backing logString. Upon return it contains the length of the log message (including the null terminator) which may be greater than the input value. In this case, the log message will be truncated to fit into logString.

If logString or logStringSize are NULL, no output is written to logString. If logStringSize points to a value that is zero, no output is written. This does not affect output to the context logger if enabled.

Creates numProgramGroups OptiXProgramGroup objects from the specified OptixProgramGroupDesc array. The size of the arrays must match.

[in]programDescriptionsN * OptixProgramGroupDesc
[out]logStringInformation will be written to this string. If logStringSize > 0 logString will be null terminated.
OptixResult optixProgramGroupDestroy ( OptixProgramGroup  programGroup)

Thread safety: A program group must not be destroyed while it is still in use by concurrent API calls in other threads.

OptixResult optixProgramGroupGetStackSize ( OptixProgramGroup  programGroup,
OptixStackSizes stackSizes 

Returns the stack sizes for the given program group.

[in]programGroupthe program group
[out]stackSizesthe corresponding stack sizes