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For further information on ray tracing in graphics, see the following books.

An Introduction to Ray Tracing (Edited by A. Glassner, Academic Press, 1989).
The classic and still relevant book.
Ray Tracing from the Ground Up (K. Suffern, AK Peters, 2007).
A very detailed beginner book.
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics (P. Shirley and S. Marschner, AK Peters, 2009).
A concise description of ray tracing.
Advanced Global Illumination (P.Dutré, P. Bekaert and K. Bala, AK Peters, 2006).
A general discussion of realistic batch rendering algorithms.
Physically Based Rendering (M. Pharr and G. Humphreys, Morgan Kaufmann, 3rd edition, 2016).
A great deal of detailed information on ray tracing and algorithms that use ray tracing.
Realistic Image Synthesis Using Photon Mapping (H. Jensen, AK Peters, 2001).
A detailed description of photon mapping.
Real-Time Rendering (T. Akenine-Müller, E. Haines and N. Hoffman, AK Peters, 2008).
A discussion of using ray tracing interactively for picking and collision detection, as well as a detailed discussion of shading and ray-primitive intersection.
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