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rtObject Struct Reference

Protected Member Functions

void never_call ()

Protected Attributes

unsigned int handle

Detailed Description

Opaque handle to a OptiX object.


rtObject is an opaque handle to an OptiX object of any type. To set or query the variable value, use rtVariableSetObject and rtVariableGetObject.

Depending on how exacly the variable is used, only certain concrete types may make sense. For example, when used as an argument to rtTrace, the variable must be set to any OptiX type of RTgroup, RTselector, RTgeometrygroup, or RTtransform.

Note that for certain OptiX types, there are more specialized handles available to access a variable. For example, to access an OptiX object of type RTtexturesampler, a handle of type rtTextureSampler provides more functionality than one of the generic type rtObject.


rtObject was introduced in OptiX 1.0.

See also rtVariableSetObject, rtVariableGetObject, rtTrace, rtTextureSampler, rtBuffer