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optix::TextureSamplerObj Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for optix::TextureSamplerObj:
optix::DestroyableObj optix::APIObj

Public Member Functions

void destroy ()
void validate ()
Context getContext () const
RTtexturesampler get ()
void setMipLevelCount (unsigned int num_mip_levels)
unsigned int getMipLevelCount () const
void setArraySize (unsigned int num_textures_in_array)
unsigned int getArraySize () const
void setWrapMode (unsigned int dim, RTwrapmode wrapmode)
RTwrapmode getWrapMode (unsigned int dim) const
void setFilteringModes (RTfiltermode minification, RTfiltermode magnification, RTfiltermode mipmapping)
void getFilteringModes (RTfiltermode &minification, RTfiltermode &magnification, RTfiltermode &mipmapping) const
void setMaxAnisotropy (float value)
float getMaxAnisotropy () const
void setMipLevelClamp (float minLevel, float maxLevel)
void getMipLevelClamp (float &minLevel, float &maxLevel) const
void setMipLevelBias (float value)
float getMipLevelBias () const
void setReadMode (RTtexturereadmode readmode)
RTtexturereadmode getReadMode () const
void setIndexingMode (RTtextureindexmode indexmode)
RTtextureindexmode getIndexingMode () const
int getId () const
void setBuffer (unsigned int texture_array_idx, unsigned int mip_level, Buffer buffer)
Buffer getBuffer (unsigned int texture_array_idx, unsigned int mip_level) const
void setBuffer (Buffer buffer)
Buffer getBuffer () const
void registerGLTexture ()
void unregisterGLTexture ()


class Handle< TextureSamplerObj >

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from optix::APIObj
static Exception makeException (RTresult code, RTcontext context)

Detailed Description

TextureSampler wraps the OptiX C API RTtexturesampler opaque type and its associated function set.