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optix::GeometryInstanceObj Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for optix::GeometryInstanceObj:
optix::ScopedObj optix::DestroyableObj optix::APIObj

Public Member Functions

void destroy ()
void validate ()
Context getContext () const
RTgeometryinstance get ()
void setGeometry (Geometry geometry)
Geometry getGeometry () const
void setGeometryTriangles (GeometryTriangles geometry)
GeometryTriangles getGeometryTriangles () const
void setMaterialCount (unsigned int count)
unsigned int getMaterialCount () const
void setMaterial (unsigned int idx, Material material)
Material getMaterial (unsigned int idx) const
unsigned int addMaterial (Material material)
Variable declareVariable (const std::string &name)
Variable queryVariable (const std::string &name) const
void removeVariable (Variable v)
unsigned int getVariableCount () const
Variable getVariable (unsigned int index) const


class Handle< GeometryInstanceObj >

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from optix::APIObj
static Exception makeException (RTresult code, RTcontext context)

Detailed Description

GeometryInstance wraps the OptiX C API RTgeometryinstance acceleration opaque type and its associated function set.