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optix::BufferObj Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for optix::BufferObj:
optix::DestroyableObj optix::APIObj

Public Member Functions

void destroy ()
void validate ()
Context getContext () const
RTbuffer get ()
void setFormat (RTformat format)
RTformat getFormat () const
void setElementSize (RTsize size_of_element)
RTsize getElementSize () const
void getDevicePointer (int optix_device_ordinal, void **device_pointer)
void * getDevicePointer (int optix_device_ordinal)
void setDevicePointer (int optix_device_ordinal, void *device_pointer)
void markDirty ()
void setSize (RTsize width)
void getSize (RTsize &width) const
void getMipLevelSize (unsigned int level, RTsize &width) const
void setSize (RTsize width, RTsize height)
void getSize (RTsize &width, RTsize &height) const
void getMipLevelSize (unsigned int level, RTsize &width, RTsize &height) const
void setSize (RTsize width, RTsize height, RTsize depth)
void getSize (RTsize &width, RTsize &height, RTsize &depth) const
void getMipLevelSize (unsigned int level, RTsize &width, RTsize &height, RTsize &depth) const
void setSize (unsigned int dimensionality, const RTsize *dims)
void getSize (unsigned int dimensionality, RTsize *dims) const
unsigned int getDimensionality () const
void setMipLevelCount (unsigned int levels)
unsigned int getMipLevelCount () const
int getId () const
unsigned int getGLBOId () const
void registerGLBuffer ()
void unregisterGLBuffer ()
void setAttribute (RTbufferattribute attrib, RTsize size, const void *p)
void getAttribute (RTbufferattribute attrib, RTsize size, void *p)
void * map (unsigned int level=0, unsigned int map_flags=RT_BUFFER_MAP_READ_WRITE, void *user_owned=0)
void unmap (unsigned int level=0)
void bindProgressiveStream (Buffer source)
void getProgressiveUpdateReady (int *ready, unsigned int *subframe_count, unsigned int *max_subframes)
bool getProgressiveUpdateReady ()
bool getProgressiveUpdateReady (unsigned int &subframe_count)
bool getProgressiveUpdateReady (unsigned int &subframe_count, unsigned int &max_subframes)


class Handle< BufferObj >

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from optix::APIObj
static Exception makeException (RTresult code, RTcontext context)

Detailed Description

Buffer wraps the OptiX C API RTbuffer opaque type and its associated function set.