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 oConfigurationGeneral configuration settings that control the behavior of NVIDIA IndeX
 oData access
 oData computing
 oData editing
 oData storage
 oPerformance measurement
 oScene descriptionThe scene description defines everything in the scene, including visible shapes, their attributes, and groups
 |oScene attributesScene attributes provide a common mechanism for controlling other scene elements. These attributes can be created by IScene::create_attribute method
 |oScene groupsScene groups construct a scene in a hierarchical form
 |\Scene shapesShapes are a visible scene object. These are created by IScene::create_shape. The behavior of many shapes can be changed using the scene attributes
 oScene queries
 oXAC programsIndeX Accelerated Compute interface programs. The IndeX Accelerated Compute (XAC) Interface enables programmers to add real-time compiled sampling programs into the IndeX volume rendering pipeline. XAC programs are written in the CUDA programming language
 |oXAC sceneScene definition for XAC programs. For each rendered frame, IndeX performs a back-to-front ray casting procedure in a scene defined by an XAC class
 |oXAC elementsScene elements for XAC programs. Predefined elements that are part of the XAC interface can provide information about the current IndeX state as well as a set of geometric scene elements used. for the final visualization output
 |oXAC functionsFunctions and macros for XAC programs. The XAC interface also provides a set of convenience macros and functions for printing debugging information, transformation handling, basic shading operations and generic gradient operators
 |\XAC computeIndeX Accelerated Compute (XAC) facilities for gpu accelerated computing of data
 \Workload balancing