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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
omath/assert.hAssertions and compile-time assertions
obase/assert.hAssertions and compile-time assertions
oatom.h32-bit unsigned counter with atomic arithmetic, increments, and decrements
obase.hBase API
obbox.hAn axis-aligned N-dimensional bounding box class template of fixed dimension with supporting functions
ocolor.hStandard RGBA color class with floating point elements and operations
ocondition.hMultithreading condition
oconfig.hConfiguration of the Base API
odefault_allocator.hDefault allocator implementation based on global new and delete
oenums.hBasic enums
ofunction.hMath functions and function templates on simple types or generic container and vector concepts
ohandle.hSmart-pointer handle class for interfaces, const and non-const version
oiallocator.hAllocator interface class to dynamically allocate and deallocate memory
oiinterface.hThe basic extensible interface
oilogger.hLogger interface class that supports message logging
ointerface_declare.hMixin class template for deriving new interface declarations
ointerface_implement.hMixin class template for deriving interface implementations
ointerface_merger.hMixin class template to merge an interface with an implementation
olock.hMultithreading locks
omath.hMath API
omatrix.hA NxM-dimensional matrix class template of fixed dimensions with supporting functions
oplugin.hBase class for all plugins
ospectrum.hSpectrum class with floating point elements and operations
ostd_allocator.hStandard STL allocator implementation
otypes.hBasic types
ouuid.hA 128 bit representation of a universally unique identifier (UUID or GUID)
ovector.hMath vector class template of fixed dimension with arithmetic operators and generic functions
omath/version.hMajor and minor version number and an optional qualifier
\base/version.hMajor and minor version number and an optional qualifier