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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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ocudaCUDA kernel for volume editing
onvNVIDIA IndeX library
oApp_dataApplication data
oApp_render_frame_rendering_contextApplication index rendering context for render a frame
oApp_rendering_contextApplication index rendering context for render a frame
oApp_volume_brick_8bitAn application side simple 8bit volume brick
oAttribute_line_setAn example of line set that contains 3D line segments (stored as vertices in a array) and a color as well as as a line width/radius per line segment (per-segment attributes)
oAttribute_point_setAn example simple point set shape implementation of IPoint_set
oBrick_affinityBrick locality information
oBrick_localityBrick locality information
oBrick_storage_mapBrick's storage and referencing map (bricks are on memory)
oCommand_communicatorCommand communicator (Implemented by MPI)
oData_gen_procData generator process class
oDatagen_brick_bbox_infoData generator's brick bbox information
oDistributed_compute_constant_color_mappingConstant color mapping
oDistributed_parallel_volume_editingSimple distributed/parallel volume editing operation that is used to transfer volume bricks allocated by the application to IndeX internal volume brick storage without using host memory
oDistributed_sparse_volume_dataNVIDIA IndeX API examples leverage common functionalities given by a example template class
oDistributed_volume_applicationDistributed volume application class A sample volume manager class that creates an analytic volume (it doesn't allocate data) a split it in bricks of equal size to be used in data distributed environments
oDistributed_volume_generatorSimple distributed/parallel volume editing operation that edit all voxel values in a given region of interest (3D bounding box) to upload the given volume data on main memory
oExample_dataExample global data singleton
oExample_height_fill_taskHeightfield fill task example (height value negation operation)
oExample_heightfield_operationHeight field operation example
oExample_performance_loggerSimple performance logger example implementation
oFrame_commandFrame and command args
oFrame_command_sorterFrame_command sorter
oGPU_volume_compute_schedulerFragmented job which starts one fragment per GPU and executes the compute tasks for all bricks that are stored on that GPU
oHost_rank_infoHost and rank information
oMPI_cluster_infoMPI whole cluster information
oMPI_rank_infoMPI rank and size information for both local and global
oMy_receiving_loggerReceiving logger example
oNormal_recalculationNormal recalculation API example
oNvindexNvindex state
|oView_paramsCamera and viewport parameters
|\Volume_paramsVolume params
oNvindex_accessCreating and accessing an instance of NVIDIA IndeX library
oNvindex_app_infoApplication information at the IndeX side
onvindex_colormapColormap management class
onvindex_volume_importerVolume Importer class
oPerformance_table_loggerAlternative performance value logger, creates a formatted table
oRank_loggerA minimal logger filter by MPI rank
oScene_element_dataDynamic scene example data
oScene_global_dataScene global data singleton
oShared_memory_channelSimple one shared memory channel (No resize support)
oShared_memory_communicatorCommunicator shared memory implementation
oSimple_volume_generatorSimple volume data generator
oVoxel_copy_from_brick_map_operationVoxel copy compute task
\Voxel_value_set_operationEdit volume compute task