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Overview of the DiCE API

The DiCE API is a C++ API.

The DiCE library is provided as a dynamic library, which can be linked to your application or dynamically loaded at runtime.


DiCE is a distributed system supporting different networking modes, e.g., UDP multicast and TCP unicast with or without automatic host discovery. Such a cluster of connected hosts uses a distributed database with redundancy to distribute data and jobs. The configuration of the networking facilities is flexible and left to the user to support different use cases, e.g., a master/slave setup, or a setup of equal peers sharing resources.

DiCE provides a built-in HTTP server framework that can be used to implement a HTTP server that executes C++ code in reaction to HTTP requests (including serving of static files). This HTTP server can for example be used by an integration to provide remote viewing capabilities. DiCE also provides a built-in RTMP server framework to provide RTMP streams of rendered images.

For more detailed overview information please see the following topics: