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Using the code examples

Along with the demo viewer, the IndeX software distribution includes an introduction to programming with the IndeX API and a set of example programs that showcase various features of using the library through its application programming interface (API). All the code examples can be run using the command line to test and illustrate individual functionalities of the library.

The example source code is located under the src/index_examples/ directory. Running the make command in the src/ directory will build all the examples in the subdirectories containing a specific example. In order to run these examples, library paths need to be set. This can be done by executing the following command in the shell at the tape's root directory:

source src/setup.sh

Executing each example program with the -h option will show that example's usage options. Please note, this setup.sh script is for bash. If you need to use other type of shell, please adjust the setup script accordingly.

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