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mi::neuraylib::Bsdf_evaluate_data Struct Reference

Input and output structure for BSDF evaluation data. More...

Public Attributes

tct_float3 ior1
 IOR current medium. More...
tct_float3 ior2
 IOR other side. More...
tct_float3 k1
 outgoing direction More...
tct_float3 k2
 incoming direction More...
tct_float3 bsdf
 bsdf * dot(normal, k2) More...
tct_float pdf
 pdf (non-projected hemisphere) More...

Detailed Description

Input and output structure for BSDF evaluation data.

Member Data Documentation

tct_float3 mi::neuraylib::Bsdf_evaluate_data::bsdf

bsdf * dot(normal, k2)

tct_float3 mi::neuraylib::Bsdf_evaluate_data::ior1

IOR current medium.

tct_float3 mi::neuraylib::Bsdf_evaluate_data::ior2

IOR other side.

tct_float3 mi::neuraylib::Bsdf_evaluate_data::k1

outgoing direction

tct_float3 mi::neuraylib::Bsdf_evaluate_data::k2

incoming direction

tct_float mi::neuraylib::Bsdf_evaluate_data::pdf

pdf (non-projected hemisphere)