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mi::base::Message_details Struct Reference

Structured details to log messages. More...

Public Member Functions

bool is_device () const
 Checks if this event pertains to a CUDA device or the CPU. More...
bool is_tagged (const Uint32 required_tags) const
 Checks if all required_tags are present. More...
Message_detailshost (const Uint32 id)
 Named constructor. More...
Message_detailsdevice (const Sint32 id)
 Named constructor. More...
Message_detailstag (const Uint32 t)
 Named constructor. More...
Message_detailstag (const Uint32 t, const Uint32 code)
 Named constructor. More...
Message_detailscode (const Uint32 c)
 Named constructor. More...

Public Attributes

Uint32 host_id
 The cluster ID of the host on which the message originated. More...
Sint32 device_id
 DEVICE_ID_XXX or a CUDA device ID. More...
Uint32 tags
 A set of tags. More...
Uint32 message_id
 An additional message identifier. More...

Detailed Description

Structured details to log messages.

These details may be used to react to certain types of events or for more accurate log filtering without having to parse the log message text. Note that logging code may not always provide a full set of details.

This type uses named constructors (which can be chained) to allow for clearer construction code.

Member Function Documentation

Message_details& mi::base::Message_details::code ( const Uint32  c)

Named constructor.

Message_details& mi::base::Message_details::device ( const Sint32  id)

Named constructor.

Message_details& mi::base::Message_details::host ( const Uint32  id)

Named constructor.

bool mi::base::Message_details::is_device ( ) const

Checks if this event pertains to a CUDA device or the CPU.

bool mi::base::Message_details::is_tagged ( const Uint32  required_tags) const

Checks if all required_tags are present.

Message_details& mi::base::Message_details::tag ( const Uint32  t)

Named constructor.

Message_details& mi::base::Message_details::tag ( const Uint32  t,
const Uint32  code 

Named constructor.

Member Data Documentation

Sint32 mi::base::Message_details::device_id

DEVICE_ID_XXX or a CUDA device ID.

Uint32 mi::base::Message_details::host_id

The cluster ID of the host on which the message originated.

Callers will not need to set this field; it is populated automatically by the logging module. Note that a value of HOST_ID_LOCAL may be replaced by the host's ID.

Uint32 mi::base::Message_details::message_id

An additional message identifier.

Uint32 mi::base::Message_details::tags

A set of tags.

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