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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
oargument_editor.hUtility class for MDL material instances and function calls
oneuraylib/assert.hAssertions and compile-time assertions
omath/assert.hAssertions and compile-time assertions
obase/assert.hAssertions and compile-time assertions
oatom.h32-bit unsigned counter with atomic arithmetic, increments, and decrements
obase.hBase API
obbox.hAn axis-aligned N-dimensional bounding box class template of fixed dimension with supporting functions
obsdf_isotropic_data.hExample implementations for abstract interfaces related to scene element Bsdf_measurement
ocolor.hStandard RGBA color class with floating point elements and operations
ocondition.hMultithreading condition
oconfig.hConfiguration of the Base API
odefault_allocator.hDefault allocator implementation based on global new and delete
odefinition_wrapper.hUtility class for MDL material and function definitions
oenums.hBasic enums
ofactory.hMain factory function
ofunction.hMath functions and function templates on simple types or generic container and vector concepts
ohandle.hSmart-pointer handle class for interfaces, const and non-const version
oneuraylib/iallocator.hAbstract interface for allocators
obase/iallocator.hAllocator interface class to dynamically allocate and deallocate memory
oiarray.hStatic array type
oiattribute_set.hBase class for database elements with attributes
oibbox.hBounding box type
oibsdf_isotropic_data.hAbstract interfaces related to scene element Bsdf_measurement
oibsdf_measurement.hScene element Bsdf_measurement
oicanvas.hAbstract interface for canvases
oicolor.hColor type
oicompiled_material.hScene element Compiled_material
oicompound.hCompounds type, i.e., vectors, matrices, colors, spectrums, and bounding boxes
oidatabase.hAPI component that provides access to the database
oidebug_configuration.hAPI component for debugging settings
oidynamic_array.hDynamic array type
oienum.hNumeric types
oienum_decl.hEnum declarations
oiexpression.hExpressions of the MDL type system
oifactory.hAPI component for creation, assignment, and cloning of instances of types
oifunction_call.hScene element Function_call
oifunction_definition.hScene element Function_definition
oiimage.hScene element Image
oiimage_api.hAPI component for various image-related functions
oiinterface.hThe basic extensible interface
oilightprofile.hScene element Lightprofile
oilogger.hLogger interface class that supports message logging
oimap.hMap type
oimaterial_definition.hScene element Material_definition
oimaterial_instance.hScene element Material_instance
oimatrix.hMatrix types
oimdl_archive_api.hAPI component that gives access to MDL archive functionality
oimdl_backend.hInterfaces related to MDL compiler backends
oimdl_backend_api.hAPI component for MDL backend related operations
oimdl_compatibility_api.hAPI component that gives access to the MDL compatibility API
oimdl_compiler.hAPI component representing the MDL compiler
oimdl_configuration.hAPI component for MDL related settings
oimdl_discovery_api.hAPI component to discover MDL content in archives and file systems
oimdl_distiller_api.hAPI component that gives access to the MDL distiller
oimdl_evaluator_api.hAPI component that gives access to the MDL evaluator
oimdl_execution_context.hThe MDL execution context and the IMessage class
oimdl_factory.hAPI component that gives access to some MDL functionality
oimdl_i18n_configuration.hAPI component for MDL internationalization settings
oimdl_impexp_api.hAPI component for MDL related import and export operations
oimdl_module_transformer.hThe MDL module transformer
oimdle_api.hAPI component that gives access to the MDL Encapsulator API
oimodule.hScene element Module
oineuray.hMain MDL API interface
ointerface_declare.hMixin class template for deriving new interface declarations
ointerface_implement.hMixin class template for deriving interface implementations
ointerface_merger.hMixin class template to merge an interface with an implementation
oinumber.hNumeric types
oiplugin_configuration.hAPI component for plugin related settings
oipointer.hPointer type
oireader.hReaders, used by importers
oireader_writer_base.hBase interface common for readers and writers
oiref.hType that holds a reference to a database element
oiscene_element.hBase class for all scene elements
oiscope.hDatabase scopes
oispectrum.hSpectrum type
oistream_position.hPosition in a data stream
oistring.hString type
oistructure.hStructure type
oistructure_decl.hStructure declarations
oitexture.hScene element Texture
oitile.hAbstract interface for tiles
oitransaction.hDatabase transactions
oitype.hTypes of the MDL type system
oiuuid.hUUID type
oivalue.hValues of the MDL type system
oivector.hVector types
oiversion.hInterface for accessing version information
oiwriter.hWriters, used by exporters
olock.hMultithreading locks
omath.hMath API
omatrix.hA NxM-dimensional matrix class template of fixed dimensions with supporting functions
omatrix_typedefs.hTypedefs for types from the math API
omdl_sdk.hMDL API
oplugin.hBase class for all plugins
oset_get.hHelper functions to set/get values of mi::IData
ospectrum.hSpectrum class with floating point elements and operations
ostd_allocator.hStandard STL allocator implementation
otarget_code_types.hTypes required for execution of generated native and CUDA code
otype_traits.hType traits
otypedefs.hTypedefs for types from the math API
otypes.hBasic types
ouuid.hA 128 bit representation of a universally unique identifier (UUID or GUID)
ovector.hMath vector class template of fixed dimension with arithmetic operators and generic functions
ovector_typedefs.hTypedefs for types from the math API
oneuraylib/version.hMajor and minor version number and an optional qualifier
omath/version.hMajor and minor version number and an optional qualifier
\base/version.hMajor and minor version number and an optional qualifier