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assert.h File Reference

Assertions and compile-time assertions. More...

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namespace  mi
 Common namespace for APIs of NVIDIA Advanced Rendering Center GmbH.
namespace  mi::base
 Namespace for the Base API.


#define mi_static_assert(expr)
 Compile time assertion that raises a compilation error if the constant expression expr evaluates to false. More...
#define mi_base_assert(expr)   (static_cast<void>(0))
 Base API assertion macro (without message). More...
#define mi_base_assert_msg(expr, msg)   (static_cast<void>(0))
 Base API assertion macro (with message). More...
#define mi_base_assert_enabled
 Indicates whether assertions are actually enabled. More...
#define MI_BASE_ASSERT_FUNCTION   ("unknown")
 Expands to a string constant that describes the function in which the macro has been expanded. More...

Detailed Description

Assertions and compile-time assertions.

See Base API Assertions.