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Here is a list of all modules:
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|oIray SDK API AssertionsAssertions
|oHTTP server
|oIray Bridge
||oBridge client
||\Bridge server
|oCluster managerThis module allows to connect to the cluster manager and to reserve nodes in a cluster
||oSimple Types
|| \Compounds
|oDatabase Access
|oImporter and Exporter
|oMDL compiler
|oMain Iray Interface and C access function
|oConfiguration Interfaces
|oNode managerThis module represents the node manager, a service to control the formation of clusters of worker nodes based on their properties. The node manager is part of the DiCE library and can be used by any application integrating DiCE. In the following a client is an application based on DiCE which wants to make use of additional worker nodes to offload work. The node manager allows to allocate and manage those worker nodes
|oQueue managerSee the API component mi::neuraylib::IQueue_manager_api for a starting point
|oRendering and Picking
|oScene elements
||oScene graph structure
||oMDL-related elements
||\Leaf nodes
|oExtensions and Plugins
|oMDL type system
|oRTMP server
|\Versioning of the Iray SDK APIThe Iray SDK API has a major and minor version number and an optional qualifier
oMath APIMath-related functions and classes, for example, vectors and matrices
|oMath API Assertions
|oBounding Box Class
|oColor Class
|oMath Functions
||oBasic Math Functors in the Math API
||oGeneric Functions in the Math API
||\Fast Approximations for float Math Functions
|oMatrix Class
||\Internal Storage Classes for Matrices
|oSpectrum Class
|oMath Vector Class
||\Internal Storage Class for Math Vector
|\Versioning of the Math API
oBase APIBasic types, configuration, and assertion support
|oBase API AssertionsAssertions and static assertions
|oConfiguration of the Base APIConfiguration macros for platform, compiler, etc
|oMemory Management
|oInterface Framework Technology
|oMultithreading Support
|oPlugin Support
|oBasic TypesPlatform-independent types
||\Specializations for numeric_traitsThe number traits class is specialized for number types defined in this API, such as mi::Uint32 and mi::Float64
|\Versioning of the Base APIThe Base API has a major and minor version number and an optional qualifier