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|oIray SDK API AssertionsAssertions
|oHTTP serverThe HTTP server module implements a lightweight HTTP server
|oIray BridgeThe Bridge is a feature of The Iray SDK that allows simple and efficient use of the resources of a remote cluster with minimal integration effort
||oBridge clientThe Bridge client is integrated in the application that wishes to use the resources of the remote cluster
||\Bridge serverThe Bridge server is a single remote host that makes its resources available to Bridge clients through a proprietary network protocol over a single TCP/IP connection
|oCluster managerThis module allows to connect to the cluster manager and to reserve nodes in a cluster
|oTypesTypes are organized in a hierarchy based on the basic interface mi::IData
||oSimple TypesThis module lists all interfaces related to simple types
||\CollectionsThis module and its submodule Compounds list all interfaces related to collections
|| \CompoundsThis module lists all interfaces and typedefs related to compounds
|oDatabase AccessProvides access to the database using concepts like scopes and transactions
|oFunctorsFunctors to manipulate geometry in various ways
|oImporter and ExporterMethods to import and to export scene data and MDL modules
|oMain Iray Interface and C access functionThe main Iray Interface and the unique public access point
|oConfiguration InterfacesThis module encompasses the API components used to configure the Iray SDK API as well as closely related interfaces
|oNode managerThis module represents the node manager, a service to control the formation of clusters of worker nodes based on their properties
|oQueue managerSee the API component mi::neuraylib::IQueue_manager_api for a starting point
|oRendering and PickingInterfaces related to rendering and picking, for example, canvases and render contexts
|oScene elementsAll the scene elements that make up the scene graph
||oScene graph structureInner nodes of the scene graph defining its structure
||oMiscellaneousMiscellaneous scene graph elements, for example, textures, light profiles, BSDF measurements, or decals
||oMDL-related elementsMDL-related elements comprise a set of interfaces related to the Material Definition Language (MDL)
||\Leaf nodesLeaf nodes of the scene graph, for example, geometry, lights, or cameras
|oExtensions and PluginsVarious ways to extend the Iray SDK API, for example, image and video plugins, or user-defined DB elements
|oMDL type systemThe MDL type system mainly consists of four sets of interfaces:
|oRTMP serverThe RTMP server module implements an RTMP server
|\Versioning of the Iray SDK APIThe Iray SDK API has a major and minor version number and an optional qualifier
oMath APIMath-related functions and classes, for example, vectors and matrices
|oMath API AssertionsAssertions
|oBounding Box ClassAn axis-aligned N-dimensional bounding box class template of fixed dimension with supporting functions
|oColor ClassStandard RGBA color class with floating point elements and operations
|oMath FunctionsThe math API provides functions and function templates that act on simple types or generic container and vector concepts
||oBasic Math Functors in the Math APIBasic math functors in the Math API
||oGeneric Functions in the Math APIGeneric functions in the Math API targeted to static vector-like sequences
||\Fast Approximations for float Math FunctionsFast approximations for math functions on limited precision floats
|oMatrix ClassA NxM-dimensional matrix class template of fixed dimensions with supporting functions
||\Internal Storage Classes for MatricesStorage class for matrix templates with support for xx, xy, xz, etc., members for appropriate dimensions
|oSpectrum ClassSpectrum class with floating point elements and operations
|oMath Vector ClassMath vector class template of fixed dimension with generic operations
||\Internal Storage Class for Math VectorStorage class for math vectors with support for x, y, z, and w members for appropriate dimensions
|\Versioning of the Math APIThe Math API has a major and minor version number and an optional qualifier
oBase APIBasic types, configuration, and assertion support
|oBase API AssertionsAssertions and static assertions
|oConfiguration of the Base APIConfiguration macros for platform, compiler, etc
|oMemory ManagementThe memory management provides an interface for allocators including a default implementation
|oInterface Framework TechnologyThe classes provided here support conventional modern C++ library design principles for component software to achieve binary compatibility across shared library boundaries and future extensibility
|oLoggingLogger interface and severity levels
|oMultithreading SupportPrimitives useful for multithreaded applications, for example, atomic counters, condition variables, and locks
|oPlugin SupportSupport for dynamically loaded plugins
|oBasic TypesPlatform-independent types
||\Specializations for numeric_traitsThe number traits class is specialized for number types defined in this API, such as mi::Uint32 and mi::Float64
|\Versioning of the Base APIThe Base API has a major and minor version number and an optional qualifier